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Get in-depth feedback on your website and unlock your site's full potential.
SEO Audit

What Does Our SEO Audit Include?

We begin and end every SEO project with personal discussion. We want to make sure that you understand all of our recommendations and that you’ll have a chance to ask any questions. Here is our typical process.
Discovery Call - This is where we get to know each other, find out what your SEO needs are and if you have any particular items that you’d like addressed. (15-30 minutes)
Performing the Review – about 8-10 business days. This is where we do the work of actually reviewing your site and formulating our recommendations.
Delivery – this is where we’ll send you the SEO audit report (a PDF) and all of the backup data to support our findings.
Wrap-Up Call – This is where we review the findings together and give you an opportunity to ask any additional questions. We typically discuss things like ongoing SEO strategy, content recommendations, etc. (30-60 minutes)  
Bonus Call (Optional) – We'll throw in an optional 2nd call that you can schedule at your discretion if you have any additional questions or want additional guidance with implementing our recommendations. (30-60 minutes)   
"Your audit is exactly what I needed.  It basically gave me a blueprint to get my site to the top of the search results."


Wilson Consulting
"Our brand new website made it to page one in less than 4 months."


Squeaky Clean Service Co
"I was paying $200/mo for SEO services and still nobody could find me.  After working with you for a few months, I'm getting organic leads!  


Frym Heating and Air

What's In the SEO Audit Report?

The report includes but is not limited to ...
Keyword Ranking Report – Discover how your site ranks in Google’s Search Engine Results Page (SERP) and get specific information about keyword positions for your company based on device type, such as mobile or desktop.
Related Keyword List – We take a look at what you're ranking for now and search for similar keywords so you can expand your approach.
Keyword Advertising Cost Per Click (CPC) Analysis – Find out what individual keywords cost on Google Ads to maximize your paid and organic search strategy.
Competitor Analysis – Are you curious how your competitors are doing? We'll perform and analysis so you can understand their SEO strengths and weaknesses.
On-Page Site Analysis – Uncover all potential site issues that affect your website’s position in Google’s Search Engine Results Page (SERP).
Site Error Instructions – For every single issue that we uncover, we’ll provide specific instructions on how to fix those issues, according to guidelines recommended directly by Google.
Backlink Analysis - Discover which backlinks your website has had over the past six months.
Performance Analysis – Thanks to our comprehensive metrics and diagnostics info, you will know exactly how to improve your webpages’ performance.
Site Content Analysis – We'll do a UI/UX analysis of your site touching on topics such as user control, persona, visual consistency, and clarity.
Site Structure & Link Analysis – We'll look at your internal link structure and propose strategies to simplify design and maximize link authority.
Google My Business – We'll review your GMB listing which is is absolutely critical for getting found in Google local searches, on Google Maps, etc.
Contact Information Review – Will review your info across sites and suggest best practices for what types of contact information to use, how to display info for multiple locations, and more.
Listing / Citation Review – Will review your online business listings and determine how many you have and if the information is consistent across those listings,
Online Reputation Analysis - We'll look at the kind of reviews are you getting and your review scores across dozens of major and minor review sites.


Actionable feedback on what to change!
"Gary's showcased his ability to blend technology skills with a deep knowledge of the business. I valued his opinions, appreciated his approachability and recommend his work."
R. Bendall
MIS Manager, BBVA Compass
"I will always welcome an opportunity to work with Right Way, and hope to work with them again." 
A. Bhatt
Global Director, Data Analytics


Uniquely tailored to your website!


Using premium SEO tools to identify issues
"It was great to see the variety of tools he used to perform the review.  I am still using many of the resources he introduced me to today" 
"Gary is thorough and diligent. He is an extremely conscientious professional who can see the perspective of the customer." 
M. Thompson 
Thompson Real Estate


A look at your site with a fresh perspective
Squeaky Clean Service Co
“Thanks to your work, I actually had new customers contacting me in my off-season”
S. Heatherly - Squeaky Clean Service Company

I Want To Be Your SEO Partner ...

Hello. My name is Gary Couvillion and I'm the owner of Right Way Local. 

This is one of the many highlights of my 20+ years building websites. This is the year that we launched a brand new website for an online auction company, doubled the number of visitors, and ultimately doubled the size of the company over the next few years. 

I don't claim to be an expert because I think we are should always be learning and striving to get better each day.  But I will admit I'm obsessed with figuring out what works when it comes to marketing online businesses.

I have served as a consultant for the majority of my career helping businesses of all sizes across a wide variety of industries. 

I have worked with hundreds of businesses including everything from landscaping companies to the largest financial institution in the world. 

I pull from this experience and provide a different perspective from the outside of an organization with insights that may not come to those closest to it, so to speak.
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Simple Pricing

No strings attached.  Sign up to get a detailed, personalized SEO Blueprint for your website today. 


(One Time Cost)

  • A comprehensive SEO Audit report
  • Fully actionable recommendations
  • Consultation meeting to discuss results 
  • Delivered in approx. 8-10 business days


How quickly will I receive my report?

Your blueprint will arrive within 4-5 days of your order. It will be uploaded privately so only you (and your team, if you like) can access it.

Can I purchase more than one blueprint?

Absolutely, but please note we only allow one review per website.

Can you help non-English sites?

Unfortunately, no. SEO is a very language-driven thing and while we can identify technical issues it makes our life 10x harder. It's better to hire someone fluent in your language.

Are there some industries you don't help?

We do not work with adult, gambling or casino related websites. We have nothing against them, we just don't know the industries well enough.

Can you review a website I don't own?

As long as the site is in English and not adult or gambling related that's absolutely fine. Many SEOs ask us for a second opinion on client sites.

Can I ask you specific question about my site?

If I can answer it by looking at your website and within 10 minutes, yes. After you order you can leave a comment with specifics next to your URL.

Who will conduct the review?

All blueprints are developed in house, which is why we truly have limited spaces available and our doors are closed more than they're open.

Can you help implementing recommendations?

We sure can.  Just let us know how we can help and we would be happy to work with you to help you reach your goals. 

Are your recommendations 'whitehat'?

While we push the boundaries experimenting on our own sites, our advice strictly follows Google's guidelines. All recommendations are based on personal, client and other real-world results.

Do you only make SEO recommendations?

Nine times out of ten I'll comment on your design and usability aspects as well but these are primarily SEO-focused reports. You can request specifics after you order.

Do you offer refunds?

Sorry but no refunds after our initial conversation. Once you have given us the green light to move forward and we start working on the blueprint, the final report will be delivered as previously agreed.
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